Warm & Cold Mechanical Ltd.

Our Services

Dedicated to Superior Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Solutions

Residential Services

Customized home comfort with energy-efficient heating and cooling systems designed for longevity.

Hi-Wall Pump System

Sleek and space-saving, our hi-wall pump systems provide effective heating and cooling, seamlessly integrating into your home’s design.

Floor Mounted Heat Pump System

Standalone units that are easy to install and ideal for providing targeted heating and cooling in specific areas of your home.

Cassette Heat Pump System

A cassette heat pump system is a compact and efficient HVAC system that uses a cassette unit mounted on the ceiling to provide both heating and cooling. It's versatile, quiet, and distributes air evenly throughout the room.

Ducted Heat Pump System

A whole-home solution for those seeking a hidden and centralized way to manage temperature throughout the entire house.

Service & Maintenance for Heat Pump System

Keep your HVAC system running optimally with our comprehensive service and maintenance packages.

Commercial Services

Robust and reliable HVAC services ensuring optimal climate control for your business operations.

Design & Build HVAC Services

Tailored HVAC systems designed and built to support the unique requirements of commercial spaces, from small offices to large buildings.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Full range of HVAC services to ensure a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient environment for your business.

Office Buildings

Specialized HVAC solutions for office buildings that create a productive and comfortable workspace for employees and visitors.

Restaurant/ Kitchens

Customized heating and cooling systems that meet the rigorous demands of restaurant and kitchen environments, ensuring guest comfort and food safety.

Schools/Convention Centers

Durable and scalable HVAC installations for educational and event spaces, designed for high usage and varying occupancy levels.

Sub-Contracting Services

Your trusted sub-contractor for superior Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Services.

HVAC Installation

Expert sub-contractor for HVAC installations and repairs, offering professional service for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.